Learn how to scratch with these in-depth tutorials

Scratching is a very useful skill to have as a DJ. Learning how to scratch and beat juggle used to be very hard, because there were few teachers. Back in the day DJs had to watch other DJs and try to copy what they were doing. These days there are a ton of dj lessons online. If you want to learn how to scratch, we have compiled a list of our favorite tutorials and online scratch schools. Some of these courses you have to pay for, but you can still learn a lot from just watching the free videos.

DJ Angelo

DJ Angelo has very good tutorials on scratching, beat juggling and trick mixing. He explains in a simple fashion and breaks down every technique so they are easy to understand for anyone who wants to learn how to scratch.

He also recently did some tutorials for BPM Supremes “Cut Class”. Check them out here.


DJ TLMYoutube

DJ TLM has tutorials on basic scratching and mixing. Sometimes he does hardware and software reviews too. He is also very engaged with his followers and regularly answers questions from his subscribers in his Vlogs. This is a great channel to follow, especially the Q & A is helpful for beginners, as it answers a lot of questions about what equipment to use, how to get your first gig etc.


Emma Short-E / Schoolofscratch


Emma Short-E is the creator of Shool of Scratch-program. Here you will find many video tutorials covering everything you need to know to become a great turntablist. There is also a discussion forum and live chat where you can connect with other DJs and share tips and tricks. The video-tutorials are well produced and Short-E is a great teacher.



  • $30/ month
  •  $297/ year
  •  $699 for lifetime access

While the full course costs money, many of the videos are available on Youtube.

Emma Short-E is also very active on instagram, where she shares short clips of herself and her students.


Qbert Skratch University

Qbert is one of the best turntablists in the world, and what can be better than to learn from the master himself? The website has scratch tutorials and a forum with a large number of users. Here you can get submit videos of yourself and receive feedback form Qbert. There is also a music theory course and other bonus content.


  • 6 months membership $179 ($30/month)
  • 3 month membership $105 ($35/month)
  • 12 month membership $279 ($23,25/month)


Scratch Bastid / Skratch School


Skratch Bastid also has his own skratch course. What separates this course from the others is that this one is free. There is not so much content yet, but it covers the basics. The videos are well made and Skratch Bastid explains all the techniques very well.



DJCity is also a record pool and has many good tutorials on their youtube-channel. Here you will find tutorials, tips and tricks, gear reviews, showcases and interviews with professional DJs.


Beat Refinery (Youtube)

Beat Refinery is a DJ-school, but they also have a Youtube-channel with some good content.


Scratch DJ Academy / Youtube

Scratch DJ Academy is another DJ-school, and there is many useful tips and tricks on their Youtube-channel. Here you will find videos of professional DJs sharing their advice with you on everything from scratching to how to set up CJDS or software tricks.


DJ Finesse 1

DJ Finesse has lots of good tutorials beat juggling where he breaks down different patterns and shows you how to do them.



Ellaskins has some tutorials on scratching and beat juggling and lots of other good tutorials with tips on how to mix different genres of music, music theory etc.



Wes Pomeroy/Scratch Wizard

Wes Pomeroy aka Scratch Wizards channel consists of beat juggling tutorials and pattern breakdowns.


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