2¢ (Craze and Four Color Zack) says f*ck wack DJs in this new mix “Sugar Puppies”

“Sugar Puppies” is in truth a danceable checklist targeting all the wackness 2¢ would like to see offed in 2017. Whether you are a DJ Mag Top 100 button pusher, a bullshit trap rapper, a drunk driver, or President-elect Donald Trump himself, 2¢ has its red dot squared right on your ego-blown forehead.

“The entire political system that’s going to get us all blown up by a nuclear bomb is (enemy) number one, because it will likely kill me this year, and everyone I know,” Zack says. “That whole thing is an endless topic of fuckery. It’s just gotten so bad that we could dedicate entire mixes to that at this point.” (billboard)

Craze has previously poked fun at “button pushers” and sync-DJs in his “New Slaves”-routine:


This time self-proclaimed defenders of DJ-culture Craze and Four Color Zack aka 2¢ takes shots at Donald Trump, corrupt cops, DJMag Top 100 and wack DJs with a cameo from George Carlin.

This is #RealDJing at its finest. Check it out below:


Be sure to check out their previous mixes too;


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