Guide: How to save your controller after spilling beer on it

Can you still use your controller after spilling beer on it? Of course you can. Here is how to save your controller from damage.

I had a party in my apartment recently. We all got pretty drunk and one of my friends managed to spill beer all over my Mixtrack Pro 3. The first thing I did was to unplug the controller to save it from short circuiting, then I wiped off all the beer. The next day I tried to see if it still worked, and I noticed that the sound from the left deck was all distorted and both the faders and the knobs were quite sticky. That’s usually not a very good sign.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3


First I removed all the fader and knob caps:

Then I turned it upside down and removed all the screws in the back. 

(Note: This will void warranty). 

After removing the plastic case I took the controller to the bathroom for cleaning. Here I gave it a thorough rinse with water to make sure all the beer would go away. (This might seem crazy to some of you, but as long as there is no electricity running through the circuitboard your controller will survive)


After gently wiping it clean with a towel and drying it with a hairdryer, I left it on my bathroom floor for a little more than a week to make sure it was completely dry before using it again.


A week later I put all the caps and knobs back and screwed the case back in place. The faders and knobs that were sticky before are now as smooth as they was when the controller was new, and it works without any issues.

So if you happen to spill any liquids on your controller, don’t panic, you might be able to save it.



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