The Best iOS DJ Apps 2018

In the smartphone-era it’s easier than ever to be a DJ. Back in the day you had to have expensive equipment to start mixing, but now with new tehnology DJing is accessible for everyone. If you are interested in DJing but not sure if you want to invest in a pair of turntables or a controller, a DJ app can be a good way to try it out before you go all-in. And if you are an experienced DJ, you have the opportunity to rock a party anywhere by just bringing your phone, ipad or apple watch. To help you choose from the many apps on the market, we have compiled a list of the the best iOS DJ apps of 2018.

Some of these apps are free, and others come with a premium version. Some of the apps have spotify-integration and even support controllers and timecode vinyl. Here is a list of our top picks for the best iOS DJ apps of 2018.


The Best iOS DJ Apps 2018


1. djay Pro by Algoriddim


  • 4 deck mixing
  • 4k video mixing
  • Spotify integration
  • Sample player
  • Waveforms
  • Hardware support
  • Keyboard shortcuts


Djay pro has many powerful features. It gives you the option to mix with 4 decks and stream directly from Spotify, as well as files from iCloud Drive or locally stored tracks. You can set loops and cue points and with the sample player you can practice your finger drumming or use it for effects (There are some fun Snoop Dogg samples on there). You can use djay pro on your ipad, iphone, or hardware from Pioneer, Reloop and Numark if you prefer to use a controller.

One thing that separates djay pro from the others on this list is the ability to mix video. With the support for external monitors you can use your TV for visuals while mixing, and bring your houseparty to the next level. There is a wide range of effects and transitions with title and image overlays. If split mode is enabled you can crossfade audio and video independently.


See it in action:




Price: $19.99

Buy in appstore:


2. Traktor DJ by Native Instruments



  • Hardware support
  • Great slicer-feature
  • Syncs with itunes


Traktor has been a major player in the DJ software game for a long time. The iOS version takes full advantage of the touchscreen and gives the user many options for creative mixing. With the SuperSlicer you can slice up your tracks and gives you a new way to remix or create mashups. The Traktor app also supports hardware like Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 and MK4, or Traktor Kontrol Z1 if you want more control and mixing options with physical faders, buttons and EQ knobs.


See it in action:



Price: $1.99 for iPhone, $9.99 for iPad. In-app purchases available

Buy in appstore:



3. Cross DJ Pro by Mixvibes


  • Clean interface
  • Soundcloud/Mixcloud-integration
  • Beat-grid editor
  • Support for Ableton-Link


Cross DJ Pro by Mixvibes a good looking DJ app with clean design. You can stream tracks from soundcloud, and gives you the option to upload mixes directly to Mixcloud. Cross DJ Pro has many features like the other DJ apps, like sync, 3 band EQ, manual pitch bend, quantize and BPM detection. Cross DJ Pro also has a sampler with 12 sample banks, and you can also record your own samples. There is limited hardware support, but works with U-Mix Control-Pro, the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 and the Pioneer DDJ-SB. A very cool thing about Cross DJ Pro is the integration with Ableton Link. This enables you to jam with other people with other apps that support link (Remixlive, another Cross DJ Pro, Ableton Live, etc).


See it in action:


Price: $4,99

Buy in appstore:

4. Pacemaker



  • Clean design, nice interface
  • Spotify-integration
  • Supports Apple Watch


Pacemaker is very easy to use and is great for beginners. It lacks an option for manual beatmatching, so you will have to use sync. A feature we like a lot is the support for the Apple watch. Combined with streaming directly from Spotify, it is the perfect app for parties. Just make a playlist before you leave home and you are ready to go. Pacemaker has no hardware support, and if you want more effects or other features you can buy them through in-app purchases. Pacemaker is a fun and simple app to use, but more serious or experienced DJs might be better off with djay pro or Traktor.




See it in action:



Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Buy in appstore:



5. edjing Pro



  • Soundcloud-integration
  • Mix with stems
  • Supports the mixfader


Edjing pro say on their website that this app will turn you into a pro DJ. That’s a pretty bold statement, and there is more to DJing than using apps, like learning harmonic mixing, how to beatmatch, phrase mixing, scratching and many other techniques. The free version has most basic features, but to be able to unlock features like looping you have to earn points or buy them through in-app purchases. If you want to scratch you can combine this with a mixfader and you have a portable scratch setup. You won’t become the greatest DJ in the world with this app, but you are guaranteed to have hours of fun and the ability to rock a party anytime, anywhere.


See it in action:




Price: $9,99

Buy in appstore:


6. DJ Player Pro



  • Many options for customization and mapping
  • Hardware integration
  • Mix with stems
  • Supports timecode vinyl

DJ Player Pro is a very cool app for those looking for more than just the ability to sync and mix two tracks together. With DJ Player Pro you can connect it to a midi controller, or use with a DVS, as it supports timecode vinyl. A cool feature with edjing is the abilitiy to mix with stems. DJ Player Pro syncs metadata from Traktor and Serato to save you time if you have your cue points set already. DJ Player Pro can also save all your cue points, loops and other metadata in the DJ Player Pro Cloud.



Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Buy in appstore:


7. Serato Pyro



Serato Pyro is not really a “DJ” app, but it still makes the list. What Pyro does is simply beatmatch and mix automatic playlists. Serato Pyro can be cool for playing with ideas for mixes to see what songs fit together. Or you can make a playlist before you hit the gym and let Serato Pyro create the mix for you. You are not able to add any effects or do anything fancy, but if you just want a smooth mix without doing any work then Serato Pyro is great.


Price: Free

Buy in appstore:


Are DJ Apps the future of DJing? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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